Welcome to Hempol.com, Home of America’s Finest THC-Free CBD

Hempol Manufacturers America’s finest CBD, derived from 100% Organic, Industrial hemp. Our CBD is of the highest quality and comes in an array of formats, it contains no THC at all. We have everything from CBD Liquids / Tinctures in 150MG, 350MG and 600MG bottles. We also carry CBD hemp skin cream, dab wax, CBD Syrup, CBD tea, and over 15 different CBD edibles in 75MG bags.  Whether you are looking to merely relax or into it for the benefits of CBD, our products were made with the consumer in mind.

To purchase our products retail, please call our office for a phone order (954) 338-8300.

To Purchase Wholesale, please use our contact form, or call us direct. Wholesale accounts must meet our requirements and must have a valid business certificate & certified tax ID number.  There is no minimum to order / purchase, however the more you purchase the more discounts we give out.

Legal Disclaimer:

Our products are not certified by the Food & Drug Administration,  It is not meant to treat, prevent and/or cure any illnesses and/or diseases. We cannot make claims of what our products can or cannot do for you since everyone is different. Please consult your physician prior to use, and keep out of the reach of children. Some of our products may cause drowsiness or a feeling of deep relaxation, use moderately at first to get accustomed to it.  If you plan to use our products heavily, please do not drive a motor vehicle or use heavy equipment.


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